Portion of profits are donated to animal rescue 🤍
Portion of profits are donated to animal rescue 🤍
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Candle Care Tool Set

Candle Care Tool Set

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A candle care tool set is essential for an avid candle burner!


Use the wick trimmer to trim your wick before every burn and extinguish the flame using either the snuffer or the dipper.


Why do I need to trim the wick?

Trimming the wick prior to burning your candle  allows the flame to have a clearer and brighter burn and reduces soothing.


Why use a tool to extinguish the flame versus blowing it out?

Blowing out your candle can spray hot wax and can cause parts of the burnt wick to scattered over the wax creating a speckled appearance.

Hold the snuffer over the flame. This will deprive the flame of oxygen and cause it to extinguish on its own.

Use the dipper to gently guide the wick into the melted wax. The melted wax will extinguish the flame and prevent any smoke.