Portion of profits are donated to animal rescue 🤍
Portion of profits are donated to animal rescue 🤍
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Car Diffuser
Car Diffuser
Car Diffuser
Car Diffuser
Car Diffuser

Car Diffuser

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Our car diffusers are an esthetic way to fragrant your car. 

How does it work? Remove the wood cap, remove the plastic stopper, replace the wooden cap firmly. Once the wood cap is on, hold the bottle upside down for 5-10 seconds until the oils saturate the wood. Tie the diffuser to a secure spot in your car where it will not spill. When the scent starts to vanish, simply hold the bottle upside down to re-saturate the wood. 


Paraben and Phthalate free

Vegan and cruelty free


Scent Descriptions:

Mango Papaya

Mango Papaya has notes of mango, citrus and pineapple. Heart notes of peach, papaya and classic jasmine. Powder, musk and coconut at the base.


Bonsai & Citrus Ginger

Our Bonsai & Citrus Ginger has notes of grapefruit, bergamot and brisk ginger, supported by a base of lush evergreen and sandalwood.


Whiskey Bar

Whiskey Bar has notes of lemon, lime, seashore, jasmine and whiskey that blend over a base of patchouli, sandalwood, oakmoss and cedarwood.


Sea Salt & Sage

Sea Salt & Sage has top notes of Galbanum and Lime, heart notes of Jasmine and Clover, along with a base of Sandalwood, Musk and Amber


Bamboo & Teak

Bamboo & Teak is rich and luxurious with hints of sandalwood, cedar wood, and musk rounded out by floral notes of sweet fruit.



Vanilla has notes of maple syrup and honey with heart notes of cocoa and vanilla



Coconut has buttery top notes with nuances of sweet burnt sugar, cinnamon and peach. Base notes of coconut, vanilla and powder.



Soothing notes of French Lavender.


Sandalwood Amber

Sandalwood Amber is a woodsy fragrance with top notes of bergamot, heart notes of rose and violet, rounded out with amber, sandalwood and vanilla base notes.


Sweet Pea

Sweet Pea has fresh floral top notes of apple and lily of the valley with nuances of grape. Heart notes are rose, gardenia, carnation, violet, and mild musk.


Bergamot & Fir

Our Bergamot & Fir candle is our best seller as citrusy notes of bergamot, pineapple and lime blend with the alluring aroma of fir needles, rose, vanilla and cedarwood.


Vanilla Bourbon

Vanilla Bourbon is a blend of aged bourbon, warm sandalwood, and creamy vanilla woven with soft layers of coconut milk, amber, musk with just a dash of snowdrop flowers, jasmine and cotton candy. 



Satsuma is bursting with citrus juices of orange with the added combination of white grapefruit and white musk.


Coconut Acai

Coconut Acai has top notes of sweet burnt sugar, cinnamon, peach, blackberry, pear, lemon, and wine. Heart notes of jasmine, geranium, and apricot. Base notes of coconut, vanilla, caramel, musk, and powder


Vanilla Tobacco

Vanilla Tobacco has notes of maple syrup and honey with heart notes of cocoa and vanilla, orange, amber, and tobacco leaves.